About Us

Developed out of a passion to help travellers learn more about their coming trip and plan their journey better, CosttoTravel has stood unique since its birth. The site provides a useful tool not only to holiday planners but also expats, those planning to move and even locals who travel for work. 

Costtotravel is compact with a number of functions:

* Distance calculation: By providing start and end points, one will be able to know how far it is between the two destinations and more importantly, the most economic and the most environmentally friendly way to get there. If you own a car, the site can also help you approximate the cost for fuel that it is going to cost for the trip. If you are planning your trip, the site also calls out the name of bus and air service operator so you know where to start. 

* Cost of living: Another focus of the site is on the cost of living in various cities and countries all over the world. The data is frequently updated by a team of editors based on submission from site users. The cost of living is expressed in every details from cost of a banana to rental budget. Based on this aggregated data, CosttoTravel also compares figures between 2 or more cities - something that not only travellers but anyone with an inquiring mind is interested in knowing.

* Trip budgeting: Bearing as much weight as the previous two functions is trip budgeting tool, where one can use to calculate how much he or she will be spending for his or her coming trip. The calculating table is organized in a way that anyone can draft their travel plan and allocate budget for each section such as transport, accommodation or visa cost. The "budget planner" as it is called is without doubt the first of its kind and free to use.

* Travel and Money Saving Tips: Besides online tools, there are also travel and money saving tips when one travels or moves from one city to another. These entries are submitted by past experienced travellers who spoke of their time and shared their lessons.

Costtotravel is completely free to use and open to anyone interested. We appreciate your comment and time in helping us update the information on our website so that it is as useful and accurate as possible to the public.

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