JetBlue Airways Flight Status

Travel Routes Departure Arrival DETAILS
Fort Lauderdale to Port Au Prince 09:07 FLL 11:03 PAP
New York to Nantucket LGA ACK
Newark to Boston 21:10 EWR 22:20 BOS
New York to Nantucket JFK ACK
New York to Buffalo 18:40 JFK 20:19 BUF
Boston to Washington 20:59 BOS 22:29 DCA
Montego Bay to New York 10:36 MBJ 15:23 JFK
New York to Miami JFK MIA
West Palm Beach to New York 12:38 PBI 15:20 JFK
New York to None JFK None
New York to None JFK None
New York to None JFK None
Syracuse to New York 10:55 SYR 12:00 JFK
Nantucket to New York ACK JFK
Portland to New York 15:37 PWM 17:00 JFK
New York to Boston JFK BOS
Richmond to Boston 07:53 RIC 09:23 BOS
Orlando to New York 08:50 MCO 11:20 JFK
New York to Burlington 22:40 JFK 23:56 BTV
Orlando to New York 18:06 MCO 21:00 JFK
New York to Rochester 22:29 JFK 23:46 ROC
Boston to Pittsburgh 08:58 BOS 10:42 PIT
Boston to Tampa 16:03 BOS 19:22 TPA
New York to None JFK SJU
Buffalo to Boston 13:55 BUF 15:12 BOS
Tampa to Boston 10:35 TPA 13:32 BOS
Seattle to Long Beach 13:55 SEA 16:26 LGB
Boston to Washington 06:16 BOS 08:00 DCA
Fort Lauderdale to Newark 13:45 FLL 16:52 EWR
New York to Punta Cana JFK PUJ
None to Boston 13:05 SJU 16:14 BOS
Boston to New York 19:10 BOS 20:22 JFK
New York to Las Vegas 21:35 JFK 00:21 LAS
None to New York 20:40 SJU 23:36 JFK
Boston to Saint Lucia 09:49 BOS 14:29 UVF
Newark to Boston 08:36 EWR 09:53 BOS
None to New York 12:55 SJU 15:55 JFK
San Francisco to Las Vegas 08:00 SFO 09:36 LAS
Atlanta to Newark ATL EWR
Buffalo to New York 07:06 BUF 08:30 JFK
Buffalo to New York 05:38 BUF 07:00 JFK
New York to Cancun 13:07 JFK 16:17 CUN
Washington to None DCA None
New York to Santiago 12:00 JFK 15:34 STI
New York to Fort Lauderdale 21:55 JFK 00:59 FLL
Boston to Nassau 07:50 BOS 11:11 NAS
Washington to Boston 07:00 DCA 08:28 BOS
Boston to Philadelphia BOS PHL
Burlington to New York 06:00 BTV 07:28 JFK
Boston to Orlando 19:44 BOS 22:45 MCO
Boston to None BOS None
Raleigh/Durham to Newark RDU EWR
New York to Syracuse 16:38 JFK 18:03 SYR
Boston to Bozeman BOS BZN
Boston to None BOS None
Boston to Santo Domingo BOS SDQ
New York to Montego Bay 07:00 JFK 11:03 MBJ
Boston to Fort Lauderdale 06:00 BOS 09:31 FLL
New York to Puerto Plata 09:30 JFK 14:03 POP
Sarasota to New York 10:51 SRQ 13:43 JFK
Boston to Washington 11:00 BOS 12:35 DCA
Boston to Buffalo 09:40 BOS 11:09 BUF
Washington to Boston 13:59 DCA 15:26 BOS
Washington to Boston 12:41 DCA 14:05 BOS
Hyannis to New York HYA JFK
Boston to Oranjestad BOS AUA
Boston to Washington 19:20 BOS 21:02 DCA
Washington to Boston DCA BOS
Washington to Boston DCA BOS
New York to Nantucket 14:40 JFK 16:00 ACK
Los Angeles to New York 10:35 LAX 19:12 JFK
Philadelphia to Boston 13:49 PHL 15:17 BOS
Philadelphia to Boston PHL BOS
New York to Rochester 17:36 JFK 19:03 ROC
Boston to Newark 18:55 BOS 20:30 EWR
Rochester to New York 11:35 ROC 12:49 JFK
Orlando to Boston MCO BOS
New York to Portland 13:29 JFK 14:40 PWM
None to Boston None BOS
Boston to New York 05:50 BOS 07:03 JFK
New York to Boston 13:00 JFK 14:06 BOS
Boston to None 13:13 BOS 17:10 SJU
Las Vegas to Boston 12:05 LAS 20:16 BOS
Boston to Orlando 09:15 BOS 12:19 MCO
Hartford to Orlando 15:01 BDL 17:51 MCO
Orlando to Boston 20:54 MCO 23:44 BOS
Savannah to Boston 14:19 SAV 16:36 BOS
Boston to Richmond 10:51 BOS 12:36 RIC
New York to Boston 10:25 JFK 11:27 BOS
Boston to Philadelphia 12:10 BOS 13:44 PHL
Punta Cana to Miami PUJ MIA
Fort Myers to Cleveland RSW CLE
Punta Cana to Miami PUJ MIA
San Francisco to Los Angeles SFO LAX
Cleveland to Fort Myers CLE RSW
Miami to Punta Cana MIA PUJ
Miami to Punta Cana MIA PUJ
Newark to Orlando 07:40 EWR 10:14 MCO
Boston to Philadelphia BOS PHL
None to Newark SJU EWR