JetBlue Airways Flight Status

Travel Routes Departure Arrival DETAILS
Fort Myers to Hartford 11:55 RSW 14:49 BDL
Orlando to New York 20:56 MCO 23:24 JFK
Fort Lauderdale to Guayaquil FLL GYE
Orlando to Westchester County 10:42 MCO 13:24 HPN
Orlando to Richmond 17:00 MCO 20:12 RIC
Hartford to San Francisco BDL SFO
Austin to New York 12:36 AUS 17:27 JFK
Cleveland to Fort Lauderdale 14:45 CLE 17:29 FLL
Orlando to Westchester County 17:23 MCO 20:11 HPN
None to Newark PLS EWR
Tampa to Boston TPA BOS
Montego Bay to Orlando 07:40 MBJ 10:34 MCO
Bozeman to Boston BZN BOS
None to Newark 10:20 SJU 11:48 EWR
Newark to Montego Bay 11:35 EWR 14:07 MBJ
Orlando to Cancun 08:00 MCO 10:57 CUN
Boston to Bridgetown 07:50 BOS 12:48 BGI
Hartford to Cancun 07:19 BDL 09:40 CUN
Detroit to New York DTW JFK
Newark to Charlotte Amalie EWR STT
Newark to Nassau 18:35 EWR 20:00 NAS
Newark to Oranjestad 08:30 EWR 10:30 AUA
New York to Guatemala City JFK GUA
Fort Lauderdale to Newark 09:33 FLL 12:29 EWR
Hartford to Tampa 10:30 BDL 13:32 TPA
Seattle to New York 09:40 SEA 20:00 JFK
None to Fort Lauderdale 11:51 ORD 14:26 FLL
Pittsburgh to Boston 08:45 PIT 10:15 BOS
Boston to None 14:19 BOS 17:11 SJU
Boston to Las Vegas 18:50 BOS 21:59 LAS
New York to San Francisco 13:40 JFK 14:59 SFO
Fort Lauderdale to Austin 15:30 FLL 17:27 AUS
New York to Fort Lauderdale 13:29 JFK 16:30 FLL
San Francisco to New York 11:40 SFO 16:25 JFK
Orlando to None 23:30 MCO 02:19 SJU
Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland 11:10 FLL 13:59 CLE
Liberia to Los Angeles LIR LAX
Fort Lauderdale to New York 14:30 FLL 17:28 JFK
Fort Lauderdale to Raleigh/Durham 15:43 FLL 17:46 RDU
Fort Lauderdale to Richmond 15:40 FLL 17:52 RIC
West Palm Beach to Westchester County 19:20 PBI 22:03 HPN
Boston to Detroit 16:35 BOS 18:54 DTW
Fort Lauderdale to New York 09:45 FLL 12:32 JFK
None to Boston 17:00 VQQ 19:14 BOS
Raleigh/Durham to Boston 08:55 RDU 10:45 BOS
New Orleans to Boston 16:43 MSY 20:58 BOS
Oranjestad to New York 14:45 AUA 19:36 JFK
Hayden to Boston 13:05 HDN 19:21 BOS
Orlando to New York 09:40 MCO 12:10 JFK
Fort Lauderdale to None 14:47 FLL 17:25 SJU
Fort Lauderdale to Boston 00:20 FLL 03:21 BOS
Liberia to Boston 12:45 LIR 19:06 BOS
Cartagena to New York 13:31 CTG 19:29 JFK
Nassau to Boston 13:00 NAS 16:11 BOS
Fort Lauderdale to None FLL PLS
West Palm Beach to Providence 11:55 PBI 14:43 PVD
Cancun to New York CUN JFK
Fort Lauderdale to Montego Bay FLL MBJ
Montego Bay to Boston 16:29 MBJ 17:34 BOS
Montego Bay to Newark 22:45 MBJ 23:54 EWR
Havana to New York 14:20 HAV 17:42 JFK
Hayden to Fort Lauderdale 11:54 HDN 17:57 FLL
Newark to Saint Lucia EWR UVF
Cancun to Hartford CUN BDL
Guadeloupe to New York PTP JFK
Austin to New York 05:50 AUS 10:30 JFK
Charleston to Newark CHS EWR
Charleston to Los Angeles CHS LAX
Orlando to New York 22:20 MCO 00:44 JFK
Raleigh/Durham to Cancun 10:35 RDU 13:28 CUN
Newark to Charleston EWR CHS
New York to Montego Bay 08:22 JFK 12:21 MBJ
New York to Fort Lauderdale 06:11 JFK 09:12 FLL
New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale 10:02 MSY 12:51 FLL
San Francisco to Boston 12:29 SFO 13:49 BOS
Los Angeles to Charleston 07:38 LAX 08:48 CHS
Miami to New York MIA JFK
Fort Lauderdale to New Orleans 07:02 FLL 08:12 MSY
Cancun to San Francisco CUN SFO
Fort Lauderdale to New York FLL LGA
Fort Lauderdale to San Diego 17:29 FLL 20:13 SAN
Fort Lauderdale to Quito 18:50 FLL 22:17 UIO
None to Washington SJU DCA
Punta Cana to New York PUJ JFK
New York to San Jose 13:08 JFK 14:10 SJO
Denver to New York 18:50 DEN 21:51 LGA
Cancun to Fort Lauderdale CUN FLL
San Jose Cabo to Los Angeles SJD LAX
New York to Port Of Spain 07:30 JFK 13:29 POS
Punta Cana to Fort Lauderdale 15:23 PUJ 17:58 FLL
Grenada to New York 07:29 GND 09:43 JFK
Miami to Los Angeles MIA LAX
Westchester County to Fort Myers 14:47 HPN 15:38 RSW
San Francisco to Los Angeles 13:35 SFO 16:40 LAX
Las Vegas to Fort Lauderdale 12:35 LAS 13:47 FLL
Los Angeles to Newark 15:59 LAX 18:00 EWR
New York to Georgetown JFK GEO
Albany to Fort Lauderdale ALB FLL
Orlando to New York MCO JFK
Las Vegas to New York 13:44 LAS 21:46 JFK