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Trips by letter
Travel Routes
Kuala Lumpur to Rabat 11586 km
Kuala Lumpur to Port Vila 7691 km
Kuala Lumpur to Rome 9771 km
Kuala Lumpur to Nouakchott 12860 km
Kuala Lumpur to Honiara 6664 km
Kuala Lumpur to Prague 9658 km
Kuala Lumpur to Mogadishu 6323 km
Kuala Lumpur to Pyongyang 4811 km
Kuala Lumpur to Kuwait 6437 km
Kuala Lumpur to Tegucigalpa 17953 km
Kuala Lumpur to Lusaka 8346 km
Kuala Lumpur to Asmara 7070 km
Kuala Lumpur to Brazzaville 9654 km
Kuala Lumpur to Cairo 8033 km
Kuala Lumpur to Moscow 8161 km
Kuala Lumpur to Baghdad 6923 km
Kuala Lumpur to Mahe Island 5259 km
Kuala Lumpur to Yamoussoukro 12012 km
Kuala Lumpur to Lisbon 11656 km
Kuala Lumpur to Pretoria 8583 km
Kuala Lumpur to Brussels 10336 km
Kuala Lumpur to Santo Domingo 17445 km
Kuala Lumpur to Managua 18204 km
Kuala Lumpur to Port Of Spain 17698 km
Kuala Lumpur to Ankara 8097 km
Kuala Lumpur to Baku 6747 km
Kuala Lumpur to Kiev 8509 km
Kuala Lumpur to Kigali 8035 km
Kuala Lumpur to Washington 15437 km
Kuala Lumpur to Dublin 10996 km
Kuala Lumpur to Moroni 6722 km
Kuala Lumpur to Dodoma 7478 km
Kuala Lumpur to Bucharest 8726 km
Kuala Lumpur to Tirana 9140 km
Kuala Lumpur to Chisinau 8542 km
Kuala Lumpur to Saint Lucia 17404 km
Kuala Lumpur to Bishkek 5309 km
Kuala Lumpur to Stockholm 9483 km
Kuala Lumpur to Monrovia 12511 km
Kuala Lumpur to Gaza City 7793 km
Kuala Lumpur to Conakry 12789 km
Kuala Lumpur to Harare 8097 km
Kuala Lumpur to Seoul 4715 km
Kuala Lumpur to Accra 11348 km
Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu 3323 km
Kuala Lumpur to Tehran 6394 km
Kuala Lumpur to Madrid 11156 km
Kuala Lumpur to Bratislava 9474 km
Kuala Lumpur to Astana 6135 km
Kuala Lumpur to Nassau 16987 km
Kuala Lumpur to Islamabad 4603 km
Kuala Lumpur to Canberra 6565 km
Kuala Lumpur to Bujumbura 8134 km
Kuala Lumpur to Sao Tome Island 10611 km
Kuala Lumpur to Bamako 12132 km
Kuala Lumpur to Brasilia 16451 km
Kuala Lumpur to Budapest 9286 km
Kuala Lumpur to Havana 17185 km
Kuala Lumpur to Kingston 17772 km
Kuala Lumpur to Bern 10127 km
Kuala Lumpur to San Salvador 17945 km
Kuala Lumpur to Yaounde 10076 km
Kuala Lumpur to Athens 8766 km
Seoul to Rome 9032 km
Seoul to Asuncion 18682 km
Seoul to Apia 8669 km
Seoul to Prague 8313 km
Seoul to Rabat 10781 km
Seoul to Port Vila 7593 km
Seoul to Pyongyang 253 km
Seoul to Nouakchott 12726 km
Seoul to Honiara 6344 km
Seoul to Kuwait 7193 km
Seoul to Tegucigalpa 13350 km
Seoul to Mogadishu 9154 km
Seoul to Lusaka 11813 km
Seoul to Asmara 8834 km
Seoul to Brazzaville 12218 km
Seoul to Cairo 8498 km
Seoul to Moscow 6659 km
Seoul to Baghdad 7301 km
Seoul to Abu Dhabi 6924 km
Seoul to Mahe Island 8734 km
Seoul to Yamoussoukro 13325 km
Seoul to Lisbon 10464 km
Seoul to Pretoria 12528 km
Seoul to Buenos Aires 19530 km
Seoul to Malabo 12198 km
Seoul to Sofia 8244 km
Seoul to Andorra La Vella 9688 km
Seoul to Beirut 7938 km
Seoul to Lilongwe 11252 km
Seoul to Reykjavik 8519 km
Seoul to Libreville 12390 km
Seoul to Paramaribo 15343 km
Seoul to Bogota 14940 km
Seoul to Oslo 7747 km
Seoul to Gaborone 12594 km
Seoul to Maseru 12751 km
Seoul to Damascus 7902 km
Seoul to Montevideo 19725 km
Seoul to Muscat 6661 km
Seoul to Bandar Seri Begawan 3865 km
Seoul to Amman 8070 km
Seoul to Caracas 14578 km
Seoul to Lima 16413 km
Seoul to Tunis 9537 km
Seoul to Minsk 7307 km
Seoul to Ulaanbaatar 2030 km
Seoul to Male 6568 km
Seoul to Tripoli 9687 km
Seoul to Freetown 13620 km
Seoul to Lome 12616 km
Seoul to Algiers 9970 km
Seoul to Djibouti 8701 km
Seoul to Khartoum 9376 km
Seoul to Tashkent 4901 km
Seoul to Port Moresby 5714 km
Seoul to Ashgabat 5911 km
Seoul to Podgorica 8556 km
Seoul to Saint Vincent 14392 km
Seoul to Windhoek 13234 km
Seoul to Antananarivo 10414 km
Seoul to Ndjamena 11051 km
Seoul to Santiago 18466 km
Seoul to Majuro 5701 km
Seoul to Ottawa 10627 km
Seoul to Suva 8311 km
Seoul to Amsterdam 8625 km
Seoul to Banjul 13261 km
Seoul to Port Au Prince 13548 km
Seoul to Malta 9335 km
Seoul to Dakar 13142 km
Seoul to Ouagadougou 12322 km
Seoul to Vilnius 7375 km
Seoul to Bridgetown 14385 km
Seoul to Guatemala City 13122 km
Seoul to Dhaka 3811 km
Seoul to Nairobi 10130 km
Seoul to Sucre 17733 km
Seoul to Riga 7319 km
Seoul to San Jose 13923 km
Seoul to Belmopan 13044 km
Seoul to Vienna 8326 km
Seoul to Mexico City 12154 km
Seoul to Jerusalem 8139 km
Seoul to Abuja 11950 km
Seoul to St. Georges 14463 km
Seoul to San Marino 8857 km
Seoul to Tbilisi 6793 km
Seoul to Berlin 8159 km
Seoul to Juba 10158 km
Seoul to Tallinn 7149 km
Seoul to Kabul 5138 km
Seoul to Saint Kitts 13911 km
Seoul to Yerevan 6904 km
Seoul to Georgetown 15199 km
Seoul to Sanaa 8363 km
Seoul to Luanda 12702 km
Seoul to Colombo 5855 km
Seoul to Skopje 8441 km
Seoul to Addis Ababa 9250 km
Seoul to Delhi 4737 km
Seoul to Wellington 10107 km
Seoul to Luxembourg 8735 km
Seoul to Maputo 12106 km
Seoul to Phnom Penh 3664 km
Seoul to Zagreb 8519 km
Seoul to Dushanbe 5023 km
Seoul to Naypyidaw 3617 km
Seoul to Warsaw 7772 km
Seoul to Copenhagen 7965 km
Seoul to Ljubljana 8591 km
Seoul to Sarajevo 8501 km
Seoul to Nukualofa 9015 km
Seoul to Praia 13452 km
Seoul to Mauritius 9711 km
Seoul to Quito 15209 km
Seoul to Santo Domingo 13487 km
Seoul to Port Of Spain 14643 km
Seoul to Ankara 7772 km
Seoul to Brussels 8722 km
Seoul to Kiev 7322 km
Seoul to Kigali 10763 km
Seoul to Managua 13602 km
Seoul to Dublin 9005 km
Seoul to Moroni 10270 km
Seoul to Baku 6488 km
Seoul to Dodoma 10696 km
Seoul to Bucharest 7975 km
Seoul to Washington 11254 km
Seoul to Saint Lucia 14327 km
Seoul to Beijing 976 km
Seoul to Monrovia 13530 km
Seoul to Tirana 8599 km
Seoul to Chisinau 7637 km
Seoul to Harare 11736 km
Seoul to Bishkek 4461 km
Seoul to Stockholm 7461 km
Seoul to Gaza City 8171 km
Seoul to Conakry 13411 km
Seoul to Kuala Lumpur 4666 km
Seoul to Kathmandu 4024 km
Seoul to Madrid 10014 km
Seoul to Bratislava 8274 km
Seoul to Accra 12765 km
Seoul to Nassau 12701 km
Seoul to Islamabad 4849 km
Seoul to Tehran 6657 km
Seoul to Canberra 8494 km
Seoul to Bujumbura 10928 km
Seoul to Astana 4576 km
Seoul to Sao Tome Island 12608 km
Seoul to Bamako 12773 km
Seoul to Budapest 8218 km
Seoul to Paris 8989 km
Seoul to Kingston 13464 km
Seoul to Bern 8905 km
Seoul to Brasilia 17624 km
Seoul to Manila 2663 km
Seoul to San Salvador 13345 km
Seoul to Havana 12722 km
Seoul to Yaounde 11980 km
Seoul to Athens 8549 km
Seoul to Singapore 4699 km
Tokyo to Accra 13840 km
Tokyo to Kuala Lumpur 5416 km
Tokyo to Kathmandu 5177 km
Tokyo to Tehran 7786 km
Tokyo to Madrid 10797 km
Tokyo to Bratislava 9281 km
Tokyo to Astana 5609 km
Tokyo to Nassau 12247 km
Tokyo to Islamabad 6016 km
Tokyo to Canberra 8033 km
Tokyo to Bujumbura 12091 km
Tokyo to Paris 9754 km
Tokyo to Sao Tome Island 13746 km
Tokyo to Bamako 13712 km
Tokyo to Bern 9729 km
Tokyo to Brasilia 17726 km
Tokyo to Budapest 9093 km
Tokyo to San Salvador 12566 km
Tokyo to Havana 12162 km
Tokyo to Kingston 12952 km
Tokyo to Singapore 5331 km
Tokyo to Manila 3024 km
Tokyo to Yaounde 13122 km
Tokyo to Athens 9559 km
Tokyo to Santo Domingo 13117 km
Tokyo to Ankara 8881 km
Tokyo to Brussels 9482 km
Tokyo to Riyadh 8748 km
Tokyo to Kigali 11930 km
Tokyo to Managua 12860 km
Tokyo to Port Of Spain 14465 km
Tokyo to Moroni 11367 km
Tokyo to Baku 7581 km
Tokyo to Kiev 8310 km
Tokyo to Bucharest 8919 km
Tokyo to Washington 10933 km
Tokyo to Dublin 9621 km
Tokyo to Saint Lucia 14133 km
Tokyo to Beijing 2131 km
Tokyo to Dodoma 11830 km
Tokyo to Monrovia 14460 km
Tokyo to Tirana 9537 km
Tokyo to Chisinau 8572 km
Tokyo to Harare 12844 km
Tokyo to Bishkek 5584 km
Tokyo to Stockholm 8213 km
Tokyo to Conakry 14304 km
Tokyo to Gaza City 9260 km
Tokyo to Georgetown 15026 km
Tokyo to Colombo 6881 km
Tokyo to Luanda 13872 km
Tokyo to Sanaa 9533 km
Tokyo to Delhi 5905 km
Tokyo to Addis Ababa 10420 km
Tokyo to Skopje 9449 km
Tokyo to Maputo 13150 km
Tokyo to Luxembourg 9520 km
Tokyo to Wellington 9334 km
Tokyo to Dushanbe 6159 km
Tokyo to Zagreb 9391 km
Tokyo to Phnom Penh 4435 km
Tokyo to Warsaw 8628 km
Tokyo to Naypyidaw 4642 km
Tokyo to Bangkok 4630 km
Tokyo to Ljubljana 9448 km
Tokyo to Copenhagen 8783 km
Tokyo to Nukualofa 7936 km
Tokyo to Sarajevo 9470 km
Tokyo to Quito 14448 km
Tokyo to Mauritius 10660 km
Tokyo to Praia 14145 km
Tokyo to Ouagadougou 13327 km
Tokyo to Guatemala City 12342 km
Tokyo to Bridgetown 14269 km
Tokyo to Vilnius 8282 km
Tokyo to Dhaka 4923 km
Tokyo to Riga 8189 km
Tokyo to Sucre 16955 km
Tokyo to Nairobi 11287 km
Tokyo to Belmopan 12330 km
Tokyo to San Jose 13187 km
Tokyo to Jerusalem 9246 km
Tokyo to Mexico City 11316 km
Tokyo to Vienna 9236 km
Tokyo to San Marino 9776 km
Tokyo to St. Georges 14283 km
Tokyo to Abuja 13050 km
Tokyo to Juba 11329 km
Tokyo to Berlin 8963 km
Tokyo to Tbilisi 7862 km
Tokyo to Saint Kitts 13694 km
Tokyo to Kabul 6390 km
Tokyo to Tallinn 7945 km
Tokyo to Yerevan 7983 km
Tokyo to Freetown 14546 km
Tokyo to Tripoli 10656 km
Tokyo to Male 7613 km
Tokyo to Algiers 10848 km
Tokyo to Djibouti 9871 km
Tokyo to Port Moresby 5154 km
Tokyo to Lome 13697 km
Tokyo to Khartoum 10528 km
Tokyo to Tashkent 6030 km
Tokyo to Saint Vincent 14184 km
Tokyo to Podgorica 9482 km
Tokyo to Antananarivo 11442 km
Tokyo to Ashgabat 7032 km
Tokyo to Majuro 4550 km
Tokyo to Windhoek 14362 km
Tokyo to Santiago 17243 km
Tokyo to Ndjamena 12173 km
Tokyo to Suva 7341 km
Tokyo to Ottawa 10383 km
Tokyo to Malta 10288 km
Tokyo to Port Au Prince 13131 km
Tokyo to Banjul 14080 km
Tokyo to Dakar 13959 km
Tokyo to Buenos Aires 18383 km
Tokyo to Andorra La Vella 10463 km
Tokyo to Sofia 9210 km
Tokyo to Malabo 13330 km
Tokyo to Reykjavik 8904 km
Tokyo to Lilongwe 12372 km
Tokyo to Beirut 9029 km
Tokyo to Bogota 14334 km
Tokyo to Paramaribo 15254 km
Tokyo to Libreville 13537 km
Tokyo to Maseru 13785 km
Tokyo to Gaborone 13678 km
Tokyo to Oslo 8497 km
Tokyo to Montevideo 18600 km
Tokyo to Damascus 9079 km
Tokyo to Amman 9165 km
Tokyo to Bandar Seri Begawan 4273 km
Tokyo to Muscat 7832 km
Tokyo to Panama City 13603 km
Tokyo to Caracas 14204 km
Tokyo to Vientiane 4160 km
Tokyo to Minsk 8239 km
Tokyo to Tunis 10450 km
Tokyo to Lima 15500 km
Tokyo to Ulaanbaatar 3065 km
Tokyo to Apia 7507 km
Tokyo to Asuncion 18026 km
Tokyo to Rome 9960 km
Tokyo to Port Vila 6697 km
Tokyo to Rabat 11561 km
Tokyo to Prague 9126 km
Tokyo to Honiara 5506 km
Tokyo to Nouakchott 13539 km
Tokyo to Pyongyang 1362 km
Tokyo to Mogadishu 10303 km
Tokyo to Tegucigalpa 12614 km
Tokyo to Kuwait 8342 km
Tokyo to Brazzaville 13387 km
Tokyo to Asmara 9996 km
Tokyo to Lusaka 12943 km
Tokyo to Moscow 7606 km
Tokyo to Cairo 9596 km
Tokyo to Doha 8274 km
Tokyo to Mahe Island 9818 km
Tokyo to Abu Dhabi 8093 km
Tokyo to Baghdad 8413 km
Tokyo to Pretoria 13589 km
Tokyo to Lisbon 11178 km
Tokyo to Yamoussoukro 14374 km
Beijing to Apia 9532 km
Beijing to Asuncion 18325 km
Beijing to Rome 8185 km
Beijing to Port Vila 8383 km
Beijing to Rabat 9976 km
Beijing to Prague 7508 km
Beijing to Honiara 7121 km
Beijing to Pyongyang 843 km
Beijing to Nouakchott 11924 km
Beijing to Mogadishu 8314 km
Beijing to Tegucigalpa 13539 km
Beijing to Brazzaville 11311 km
Beijing to Kuwait 6271 km
Beijing to Asmara 7920 km
Beijing to Lusaka 10995 km
Beijing to Moscow 5862 km
Beijing to Cairo 7582 km
Beijing to Mahe Island 7993 km
Beijing to Abu Dhabi 6018 km
Beijing to Baghdad 6370 km
Beijing to Pretoria 11753 km
Beijing to Lisbon 9696 km
Beijing to Yamoussoukro 12419 km
Beijing to Buenos Aires 19299 km
Beijing to Andorra La Vella 8891 km
Beijing to Sofia 7388 km
Beijing to Malabo 11276 km
Beijing to Lilongwe 10449 km
Beijing to Reykjavik 7982 km
Beijing to Beirut 7025 km
Beijing to Paramaribo 14957 km
Beijing to Bogota 14962 km
Beijing to Libreville 11468 km
Beijing to Gaborone 11829 km
Beijing to Maseru 12035 km
Beijing to Oslo 7062 km
Beijing to Montevideo 19188 km
Beijing to Damascus 6987 km
Beijing to Amman 7143 km
Beijing to Bandar Seri Begawan 3943 km
Beijing to Muscat 5766 km
Beijing to Panama City 14358 km
Beijing to Caracas 14426 km
Beijing to Vientiane 2828 km
Beijing to Tunis 8674 km
Beijing to Minsk 6513 km
Beijing to Lima 16659 km
Beijing to Freetown 12760 km
Beijing to Male 5898 km
Beijing to Tripoli 8798 km
Beijing to Djibouti 7813 km
Beijing to Algiers 9153 km
Beijing to Lome 11702 km
Beijing to Tashkent 3980 km
Beijing to Port Moresby 6378 km
Beijing to Khartoum 8452 km
Beijing to Saint Vincent 14124 km
Beijing to Ashgabat 4981 km
Beijing to Podgorica 7691 km
Beijing to Antananarivo 9728 km
Beijing to Windhoek 12415 km
Beijing to Ndjamena 10129 km
Beijing to Santiago 19070 km
Beijing to Suva 9210 km
Beijing to Ottawa 10492 km
Beijing to Malta 8454 km
Beijing to Port Au Prince 13464 km
Beijing to Banjul 12419 km
Beijing to Dakar 12334 km
Beijing to Ouagadougou 11413 km
Beijing to Guatemala City 13357 km
Beijing to Bridgetown 14135 km
Beijing to Vilnius 6594 km
Beijing to Dhaka 3084 km
Beijing to Riga 6562 km
Beijing to Sucre 17702 km
Beijing to Nairobi 9272 km
Beijing to Belmopan 13223 km
Beijing to San Jose 14094 km
Beijing to Jerusalem 7212 km
Beijing to Mexico City 12463 km
Beijing to Vienna 7502 km
Beijing to San Marino 8075 km
Beijing to St. Georges 14258 km
Beijing to Abuja 11031 km
Beijing to Juba 9262 km
Beijing to Berlin 7400 km
Beijing to Tbilisi 5891 km
Beijing to Saint Kitts 13665 km
Beijing to Kabul 4221 km
Beijing to Tallinn 6387 km
Beijing to Yerevan 5997 km
Beijing to Georgetown 14877 km
Beijing to Colombo 5209 km
Beijing to Luanda 11802 km
Beijing to Sanaa 7464 km
Beijing to Delhi 3868 km
Beijing to Addis Ababa 8358 km
Beijing to Skopje 7567 km
Beijing to Maputo 11387 km
Beijing to Luxembourg 7983 km
Beijing to Wellington 10820 km
Beijing to Dushanbe 4092 km
Beijing to Zagreb 7682 km
Beijing to Phnom Penh 3411 km
Beijing to Warsaw 6985 km
Beijing to Naypyidaw 3044 km
Beijing to Ljubljana 7762 km
Beijing to Tokyo 2135 km