Apple in Australia, Australia

Have more accurate data for the Apple (01 Kg) price in Australia?

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The price of Apple (01 Kg) in Australia is 3.77 AUD

Currency Code Symbol Value
Macedonian Denar MKD ден 156.4782 MKD
Eritrea Nakfa ERN Nfk 51.9334 ERN
Nigerian Naira NGN 545.9685 NGN
Albanian Lek ALL Lek 355.4311 ALL
Kroon EEK kr 40.1813 EEK
Iraqi Dinar IQD ع.د 4,003.4112 IQD
Other countries Price COMPARED WITH
Bahrain 2.49 AUD -34.01%
Congo 3.65 AUD -3.19%
Greenland 4.16 AUD 10.47%
United States 4.34 AUD 15.12%
Venezuela 5.84 AUD 54.95%
Uruguay 2.43 AUD -35.42%

Apple price comparison chart

The Apple price comparison chart shows that price for Apple (01 Kg) in Australia is 54.95 % lower than the same Apple price in , Venezuela.