Apple price in France

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The price of Apple (01 Kg) in France is 2.946 EUR

Currency Code Symbol Value
New Taiwan Dollar TWD NT$ 118.511 TWD
Cape Verdean Escudo CVE $, Esc 325.792 CVE
Mozambican Metical MZN MT 120.356 MZN
Tanzanian Shilling TZS Sh 6444.2 TZS
Platinum Ounce XPT Pt 0.003 XPT
Kenyan Shilling KES Sh 347.715 KES
Other countries Price Compared with
Monaco 2.563 EUR -13%
Bosnia and Herzegovina 1.134 EUR -61.5%
Netherlands 1.613 EUR -45.25%
South Sudan 3.115 EUR 5.75%
Mozambique 2.798 EUR -5%
Thailand 1.628 EUR -44.75%

Apple price comparison chart

The Apple price comparison chart shows that price for Apple (01 Kg) in France is 5.75 % lower than the same Apple price in South Sudan.