Apple price in Singapore

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The price of Apple (01 Kg) in Singapore is 4.032 SGD

Currency Code Symbol Value
Platinum Ounce XPT Pt 0.002 XPT
Kroon EEK kr 37.614 EEK
Gibraltar Pound GIP £ 1.986 GIP
North Korean Won KPW 2898 KPW
South Korean Won KRW 3416.613 KRW
Chinese Yuan CNY ¥ 19.642 CNY
Other countries Price Compared with
New Zealand 3.431 SGD -14.91%
Macedonia 1.039 SGD -74.22%
Djibouti 6.975 SGD 72.98%
Qatar 2.867 SGD -28.88%
Azerbaijan 3.343 SGD -17.08%
Mongolia 4.17 SGD 3.42%

Apple price comparison chart

The Apple price comparison chart shows that price for Apple (01 Kg) in Singapore is 72.98 % lower than the same Apple price in Djibouti.