Banana in Seething, United Kingdom

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The price of Banana (01 Kg) in Seething, United Kingdom is 1.03 GBP

Currency Code Symbol Value
Chilean Peso CLP $ 876.1125 CLP
Nigerian Naira NGN 266.3497 NGN
Platinum Ounce XPT Pt 0.0012 XPT
Burundian Franc BIF Fr 2,601.2899 BIF
Belarusian Ruble BYR p. 15,641.6037 BYR
Bangladeshi Taka BDT 130.4845 BDT
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Yeovilton 1.01 GBP -2.06%
Yeovil 1.01 GBP -2.06%
Wycombe 1.02 GBP -1.03%
Woodvale 0.98 GBP -5.15%
Woodford 1.01 GBP -2.06%
Woodbridge 1.01 GBP -2.06%

Banana price comparison chart

The Banana price comparison chart shows that price for Banana (01 Kg) in Seething is % higher than the same Banana price in , United Kingdom.