Banana price in Thailand

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The price of Banana (01 Kg) in Thailand is 74.139 THB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Aruban Florin AWG ƒ 4.135 AWG
CFP Franc XPF Fr 203.752 XPF
Bolivian Boliviano BOB $b 15.955 BOB
British Pound Sterling GBP £ 1.424 GBP
Tongan Paʻanga TOP T$ 4.215 TOP
Bulgarian Lev BGN лв 3.331 BGN
Other countries Price Compared with
Namibia 42.044 THB -43.29%
Republic of the Congo 60.98 THB -17.75%
Antigua and Barbuda 166.893 THB 125.11%
France 85.051 THB 14.72%
Barbados 99.494 THB 34.2%
Seychelles 26.639 THB -64.07%

Banana price comparison chart

The Banana price comparison chart shows that price for Banana (01 Kg) in Thailand is 125.11 % lower than the same Banana price in Antigua and Barbuda.