Banana price in Thailand

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The price of Banana (01 Kg) in Thailand is 74.139 THB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Chinese Yuan CNY ¥ 14.091 CNY
Bolivian Boliviano BOB $b 15.955 BOB
Turkish Lira TRY 4.65 TRY
Mongolian Tugrik MNT 3985.143 MNT
Brunei Dollar BND $ 2.891 BND
Albanian Lek ALL Lek 238.69 ALL
Other countries Price Compared with
Ecuador 54.561 THB -26.41%
Cameroon 67.078 THB -9.52%
Czech Republic 22.466 THB -69.7%
Mozambique 32.095 THB -56.71%
Barbados 99.494 THB 34.2%
Tunisia 19.899 THB -73.16%

Banana price comparison chart

The Banana price comparison chart shows that price for Banana (01 Kg) in Thailand is 34.2 % lower than the same Banana price in Barbados.