Banana price in Thailand

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The price of Banana (01 Kg) in Thailand is 74.139 THB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Qatari Rial QAR ر.ق 8.411 QAR
Polish Zloty PLN 7.151 PLN
Laotian Kip LAK 18446.459 LAK
Platinum Ounce XPT Pt 0.002 XPT
Guatemalan Quetzal GTQ Q 18.22 GTQ
Cayman Islands Dollar KYD $ 1.908 KYD
Other countries Price Compared with
Saint Kitts and Nevis 38.514 THB -48.05%
Kuwait 41.723 THB -43.72%
Zimbabwe 32.095 THB -56.71%
Lesotho 39.156 THB -47.19%
Philippines 38.514 THB -48.05%
Lebanon 32.095 THB -56.71%

Banana price comparison chart

The Banana price comparison chart shows that price for Banana (01 Kg) in Thailand is -56.71 % lower than the same Banana price in Zimbabwe.