Banana in Zellwood, United States

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The price of Banana (01 Kg) in Zellwood, United States is 2.76 USD

Currency Code Symbol Value
Swiss Franc CHF Fr 2.5033 CHF
Eritrea Nakfa ERN Nfk 41.6548 ERN
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT лв 422.7009 KZT
Tunisian Dinar TND د.ت 4.6113 TND
Falkland Islands Pound FKP £ 1.7014 FKP
Costa Rican Colón CRC 1,375.4277 CRC
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Zuni Pueblo 2.76 USD 0.00%
Zephyrhills 3.10 USD 12.36%
Zelienople 2.98 USD 7.87%
Zeeland 2.82 USD 2.25%
Zapata 2.76 USD 0.00%
Zanesville 2.85 USD 3.37%

Banana price comparison chart

The Banana price comparison chart shows that price for Banana (01 Kg) in Zellwood is 12.36 % lower than the same Banana price in Zephyrhills, United States.