Beer price in Piet Retief

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The price of Beer (0.33 Litre Bottle) in Piet Retief, South Africa is 19.964 ZAR

Currency Code Symbol Value
CFA Franc BCEAO XOF Fr 952.282 XOF
Hong Kong Dollar HKD $ 15.256 HKD
Swazi Lilangeni SZL L 19.931 SZL
Guinean Franc GNF Fr 13594.255 GNF
Latvian Lats LVL Ls 1.019 LVL
Surinamese Dollar SRD $ 6.462 SRD
Other cities Price Compared with
Piet Retief
Swellendam 20.38 ZAR 2.08%
Newcastle 20.38 ZAR 2.08%
Groblersdal 19.55 ZAR -2.08%
Mala Mala 18.51 ZAR -7.29%
Skukuza 18.92 ZAR -5.21%
Hoedspruit 22.46 ZAR 12.5%

Beer price comparison chart

The Beer price comparison chart shows that price for Beer (0.33 Litre Bottle) in Piet Retief is 12.5 % lower than the same Beer price in Hoedspruit, South Africa.