Budget hotel price in Angers

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The price of Budget hotel (Room/Night) in Angers, France is 99.853 EUR

Currency Code Symbol Value
Swiss Franc CHF Fr 123.025 CHF
Haitian Gourde HTG G 5377.404 HTG
South Korean Won KRW 143869.125 KRW
Japanese Yen JPY ¥ 13774.453 JPY
Solomon Islands Dollar SBD $ 970.574 SBD
Albanian Lek ALL Lek 14010.379 ALL
Other cities Price Compared with
Luneville 104.24 EUR 4.4%
Mont Dauphin 97.66 EUR -2.2%
Aubeville 69.99 EUR -29.91%
Le Blanc 102.05 EUR 2.2%
La Reole 99.85 EUR 0%
Saint Brieuc 107.53 EUR 7.69%

Budget hotel price comparison chart

The Budget hotel price comparison chart shows that price for Budget hotel (Room/Night) in Angers is 7.69 % lower than the same Budget hotel price in Saint Brieuc, France.