Budget hotel price in Guyu

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The price of Budget hotel (Room/Night) in Guyu, Zimbabwe is 248.442 AED

Currency Code Symbol Value
Mauritian Rupee MUR Rs 2061.64 MUR
Macedonian Denar MKD ден 3076.977 MKD
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT лв 10362.989 KZT
Omani Rial OMR 26.043 OMR
Cambodian Riel KHR 270740.599 KHR
Moroccan Dirham MAD د.م. 559.304 MAD
Other cities Price Compared with
Nottingham 265.19 AED 6.74%
Tsholotsho 270.77 AED 8.99%
Mutoko 270.77 AED 8.99%
Chizarira 256.82 AED 3.37%
Tuli 279.15 AED 12.36%
Dawsons 273.57 AED 10.11%

Budget hotel price comparison chart

The Budget hotel price comparison chart shows that price for Budget hotel (Room/Night) in Guyu is 12.36 % lower than the same Budget hotel price in Tuli, Zimbabwe.