Cigarette in Oslo, Norway

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The price of Cigarette (Per Pack) in Oslo, Norway is 92.60 NOK

Currency Code Symbol Value
Moldovan Leu MDL L 199.0786 MDL
Guatemalan Quetzal GTQ Q 119.8099 GTQ
Peruvian Nuevo Sol PEN S/. 42.6017 PEN
Lesotho Loti LSL L 153.8337 LSL
East Caribbean Dollar XCD $ 41.0385 XCD
Mauritanian Ouguiya MRO UM 4,426.5787 MRO
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Vardoe 103.94 NOK 12.24%
Vaeroy 103.00 NOK 11.22%
Vadso 102.05 NOK 10.20%
Trondheim 98.27 NOK 6.12%
Tromso 86.93 NOK -6.12%
Svolvaer 103.00 NOK 11.22%

Cigarette price comparison chart

The Cigarette price comparison chart shows that price for Cigarette (Per Pack) in Oslo is 12.24 % lower than the same Cigarette price in Vardoe, Norway.