Coca/Pepsi in St Pierre DOleron, France

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The price of Coca/Pepsi (0.33 Litre Bottle) in St Pierre DOleron, France is 2.96 EUR

Currency Code Symbol Value
Aruban Florin AWG ƒ 7.1916 AWG
Mauritian Rupee MUR Rs 122.4670 MUR
Bahamian Dollar BSD $ 4.0180 BSD
Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR ރ. 61.8009 MVR
Dominican Peso DOP RD$ 170.9245 DOP
Syrian Pound SYP £ 562.7008 SYP
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
St Pierre DOleron
Vittel 2.87 EUR -3.06%
Vitry Le Francois 2.72 EUR -8.16%
Vitry En Artois 2.99 EUR 1.02%
Vinon 2.84 EUR -4.08%
Villerupt 2.93 EUR -1.02%
Villeneuve-Sur-Lot 2.72 EUR -8.16%

Coca/Pepsi price comparison chart

The Coca/Pepsi price comparison chart shows that price for Coca/Pepsi (0.33 Litre Bottle) in St Pierre DOleron is 1.02 % lower than the same Coca/Pepsi price in Vitry En Artois, France.