Condom price in Norway

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The price of Condom (PC) in Norway is 9.144 NOK

Currency Code Symbol Value
Seychellois Rupee SCR 18.152 SCR
Romanian Leu RON lei 4.912 RON
Samoan Tala WST T 3.477 WST
Moroccan Dirham MAD د.م. 12.403 MAD
Angolan Kwanza AOA Kz 146.008 AOA
Polish Zloty PLN 4.644 PLN
Other countries Price Compared with
Uruguay 4.267 NOK -53.33%
Slovakia 1.829 NOK -80%
Iran 3.658 NOK -60%
Costa Rica 6.706 NOK -26.67%
Macedonia 5.182 NOK -43.33%
Bulgaria 4.877 NOK -46.67%

Condom price comparison chart

The Condom price comparison chart shows that price for Condom (PC) in Norway is -80 % lower than the same Condom price in Slovakia.