Egg in Gethsemani, Canada

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The price of Egg (12 Eggs) in Gethsemani, Canada is 3.67 CAD

Currency Code Symbol Value
Uruguayan Peso UYU $U 73.4778 UYU
Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG ƒ 6.2212 ANG
Haitian Gourde HTG G 137.9152 HTG
Hungarian Forint HUF Ft 765.1578 HUF
Bahamian Dollar BSD $ 3.4775 BSD
Bulgarian Lev BGN лв 5.0148 BGN
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Zama Lake 3.43 CAD -6.54%
Zama 3.09 CAD -15.89%
Yorkton 3.05 CAD -16.82%
York Landing 3.63 CAD -0.93%
Yellowknife 3.77 CAD 2.80%
Yates Tower 3.36 CAD -8.41%

Egg price comparison chart

The Egg price comparison chart shows that price for Egg (12 Eggs) in Gethsemani is 2.80 % lower than the same Egg price in Yellowknife, Canada.