Egg price in Sarreguemines

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The price of Egg (12 Eggs) in Sarreguemines, France is 3.314 EUR

Currency Code Symbol Value
Dominican Peso DOP RD$ 191.429 DOP
Mauritanian Ouguiya MRO UM 1311.363 MRO
Belarusian Ruble BYR p. 41944.59 BYR
Fijian Dollar FJD $ 8.362 FJD
Ugandan Shilling UGX USh 11381.49 UGX
Bahraini Dinar BHD ب.د 1.697 BHD
Other cities Price Compared with
Puimoisson 3.42 EUR 3.33%
St Girons 3.68 EUR 11.11%
Clermont-Ferrand 3.39 EUR 2.22%
Romorantin 3.53 EUR 6.67%
Issoire 3.57 EUR 7.78%
Quiberon 3.65 EUR 10%

Egg price comparison chart

The Egg price comparison chart shows that price for Egg (12 Eggs) in Sarreguemines is 11.11 % lower than the same Egg price in St Girons, France.