Electricity price in Indonesia

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The price of Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Indonesia is 11,659 IDR

Currency Code Symbol Value
Tanzanian Shilling TZS Sh 1594.94 TZS
Malagasy Ariary MGA Ar 2211.432 MGA
Djiboutian Franc DJF Fr 176.215 DJF
Gold Ounce XAU g 0.001 XAU
Namibian Dollar NAD $ 10.017 NAD
Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG ƒ 1.771 ANG
Other countries Price Compared with
Pakistan 1,531 IDR -86.87%
East Timor 1,767 IDR -84.85%
Ukraine 471.076 IDR -95.96%
Barbados 2,120 IDR -81.82%
Japan 2,591 IDR -77.78%
Germany 4,240 IDR -63.64%

Electricity price comparison chart

The Electricity price comparison chart shows that price for Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Indonesia is -95.96 % lower than the same Electricity price in Ukraine.