Electricity price in Italy

Have more accurate data for the Electricity (per 1 kWh) price in Italy?

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The price of Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Italy is 0.221 EUR

Currency Code Symbol Value
Dominican Peso DOP RD$ 12.762 DOP
Bahraini Dinar BHD ب.د 0.113 BHD
Romanian Leu RON lei 0.982 RON
Malagasy Ariary MGA Ar 670.131 MGA
Namibian Dollar NAD $ 3.036 NAD
Trinidad and Tobago Dollar TTD TT$ 1.922 TTD
Other countries Price Compared with
Brunei 0.074 EUR -66.67%
Gambia 0.221 EUR 0%
Republic of the Congo 0.066 EUR -70%
Sri Lanka 0.147 EUR -33.33%
Australia 0.309 EUR 40%
Denmark 0.295 EUR 33.33%

Electricity price comparison chart

The Electricity price comparison chart shows that price for Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Italy is 40 % lower than the same Electricity price in Australia.