Electricity price in Myanmar

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The price of Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Myanmar is 49.049 MMK

Currency Code Symbol Value
Mexican Peso MXN $ 0.654 MXN
Indonesian Rupiah IDR Rp 588.845 IDR
Pound GGP gp 0.03 GGP
Albanian Lek ALL Lek 5.166 ALL
Swiss Franc CHF Fr 0.045 CHF
Myanma Kyat MMK K 49.049 MMK
Other countries Price Compared with
Panama 166.767 MMK 240%
Jordan 323.725 MMK 560%
Pakistan 127.528 MMK 160%
Barbados 176.577 MMK 260%
United Kingdom 235.436 MMK 380%
Belgium 294.295 MMK 500%

Electricity price comparison chart

The Electricity price comparison chart shows that price for Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Myanmar is 560 % lower than the same Electricity price in Jordan.