Electricity price in Panama

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The price of Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Panama is 0.17 PAB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Uruguayan Peso UYU $U 3.592 UYU
Swazi Lilangeni SZL L 1.722 SZL
Israeli New Sheqel ILS 0.602 ILS
Afghan Afghani AFN ؋ 9.699 AFN
Costa Rican Colón CRC 84.749 CRC
Liberian Dollar LRD $ 13.629 LRD
Other countries Price Compared with
Andorra 0.2 PAB 17.65%
Belgium 0.3 PAB 76.47%
South Africa 0.13 PAB -23.53%
Madagascar 0.1 PAB -41.18%
Argentina 0.19 PAB 11.76%
Tanzania 0.17 PAB 0%

Electricity price comparison chart

The Electricity price comparison chart shows that price for Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Panama is 76.47 % lower than the same Electricity price in Belgium.