Electricity in Thailand, Thailand

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The price of Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Thailand is 4.22 THB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Guinean Franc GNF Fr 909.0467 GNF
CFA Franc BCEAO XOF Fr 63.6790 XOF
Turkmenistani Manat TMT T 0.3753 TMT
Gibraltar Pound GIP £ 0.0812 GIP
Papua New Guinean Kina PGK K 0.3396 PGK
Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG ƒ 0.2354 ANG
Other countries Price COMPARED WITH
United States 2.20 THB -47.87%
Uruguay 8.36 THB 97.87%
Peru 3.50 THB -17.25%
Paraguay 0.62 THB -85.26%
Guyana 8.34 THB 97.57%
Ecuador 4.72 THB 11.70%

Electricity price comparison chart

The Electricity price comparison chart shows that price for Electricity (per 1 kWh) in Thailand is 97.87 % lower than the same Electricity price in , Uruguay.