Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) in Fukui, Japan

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The price of Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) (Per Person) in Fukui, Japan is 347.74 JPY

Currency Code Symbol Value
Chinese Yuan CNY ¥ 20.8805 CNY
Ethiopian Birr ETB Br 65.2095 ETB
Belarusian Ruble BYR p. 31,905.8515 BYR
Turkish Lira TRY 6.8899 TRY
Mongolian Tugrik MNT 5,905.2569 MNT
Romanian Leu RON lei 11.2098 RON
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Zama 324.56 JPY -6.67%
Yoronjima 347.74 JPY 0.00%
Yonaguni 351.05 JPY 0.95%
Yonago 354.36 JPY 1.90%
Yokohoma 324.56 JPY -6.67%
Yao 298.06 JPY -14.29%

Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) price comparison chart

The Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) price comparison chart shows that price for Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) (Per Person) in Fukui is 1.90 % lower than the same Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) price in Yonago, Japan.