Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) in Seydisfjordur, Iceland

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The price of Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) (Per Person) in Seydisfjordur, Iceland is 1,221.75 ISK

Currency Code Symbol Value
Chilean Peso CLP $ 5,266.8036 CLP
Georgian Lari GEL 17.0074 GEL
Silver Ounce XAG so 0.5074 XAG
Malawian Kwacha MWK MK 4,084.2882 MWK
Paraguayan Guarani PYG Gs 44,588.5565 PYG
Latvian Lats LVL Ls 5.2244 LVL
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Vopnafjordur 1,259.53 ISK 3.09%
Vestmannaeyjar 1,309.91 ISK 7.22%
Thorshofn 1,196.56 ISK -2.06%
Thingeyri 1,183.96 ISK -3.09%
Talknafjordur 1,158.77 ISK -5.15%
Sydralon 1,221.75 ISK 0.00%

Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) price comparison chart

The Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) price comparison chart shows that price for Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) (Per Person) in Seydisfjordur is 7.22 % lower than the same Fast Food (McDonalds/KFC) price in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland.