Flour price in Italy

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The price of Flour (01 Kg) in Italy is 1.988 EUR

Currency Code Symbol Value
Myanma Kyat MMK K 2648.657 MMK
Yemeni Rial YER 580.546 YER
Sudanese Pound SDG £ 11.957 SDG
Nigerian Naira NGN 428.547 NGN
Saudi Riyal SAR 10.126 SAR
Mongolian Tugrik MNT 4657.959 MNT
Other countries Price Compared with
Laos 0.884 EUR -55.56%
Uzbekistan 1.222 EUR -38.52%
Finland 1.988 EUR 0%
South Korea 0.589 EUR -70.37%
Estonia 1.23 EUR -38.15%
Yemen 0.884 EUR -55.56%

Flour price comparison chart

The Flour price comparison chart shows that price for Flour (01 Kg) in Italy is -70.37 % lower than the same Flour price in South Korea.