Flour in Japan, Japan

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The price of Flour (01 Kg) in Japan is 523.18 JPY

Currency Code Symbol Value
Malaysian Ringgit MYR RM 16.5913 MYR
Fijian Dollar FJD $ 9.5703 FJD
Botswanan Pula BWP P 44.2717 BWP
Special Drawing Rights XDR SDR 3.3598 XDR
Albanian Lek ALL Lek 532.1444 ALL
Azerbaijani Manat AZN ман 4.0385 AZN
Other countries Price COMPARED WITH
United States 417.59 JPY -20.18%
Venezuela 130.20 JPY -75.11%
Uruguay 146.44 JPY -72.01%
Suriname 109.72 JPY -79.03%
Peru 146.29 JPY -72.04%
Paraguay 55.87 JPY -89.32%

Flour price comparison chart

The Flour price comparison chart shows that price for Flour (01 Kg) in Japan is % higher than the same Flour price in , United States.