Flour price in Panama

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The price of Flour (01 Kg) in Panama is 3.11 PAB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG ƒ 5.564 ANG
Mauritanian Ouguiya MRO UM 906.298 MRO
Brunei Dollar BND $ 3.893 BND
Surinamese Dollar SRD $ 10.211 SRD
Moldovan Leu MDL L 40.759 MDL
Seychellois Rupee SCR 37.634 SCR
Other countries Price Compared with
Pakistan 1.19 PAB -61.74%
Austria 2 PAB -35.69%
DR Congo 0.8 PAB -74.28%
Spain 1.52 PAB -51.13%
Liberia 1.1 PAB -64.63%
Suriname 1.2 PAB -61.41%

Flour price comparison chart

The Flour price comparison chart shows that price for Flour (01 Kg) in Panama is -74.28 % lower than the same Flour price in DR Congo.