Flour in Thailand, Thailand

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The price of Flour (01 Kg) in Thailand is 39.10 THB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Mozambican Metical MZN MT 36.6576 MZN
Kenyan Shilling KES Sh 105.9054 KES
Nicaraguan Córdoba NIO C$ 30.5968 NIO
Libyan Dinar LYD ل.د 1.5169 LYD
Mexican Peso MXN $ 15.9299 MXN
Haitian Gourde HTG G 48.3169 HTG
Other countries Price COMPARED WITH
United States 131.93 THB 237.40%
Venezuela 41.13 THB 5.20%
Uruguay 46.26 THB 18.32%
Suriname 34.66 THB -11.35%
Peru 46.22 THB 18.20%
Paraguay 17.65 THB -54.86%

Flour price comparison chart

The Flour price comparison chart shows that price for Flour (01 Kg) in Thailand is 237.40 % lower than the same Flour price in , United States.