Milk price in Panama

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The price of Milk (Per Litre) in Panama is 0.91 PAB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Malagasy Ariary MGA Ar 2032.731 MGA
Zimbabwean Dollar ZWD Z$ 329.329 ZWD
Romanian Leu RON lei 2.98 RON
Iranian Rial IRR 22571.003 IRR
Lebanese Pound LBP £ 1371.179 LBP
Platinum Ounce XPT Pt 0.001 XPT
Other countries Price Compared with
Eritrea 1 PAB 9.89%
Austria 1.33 PAB 46.15%
Solomon Islands 10 PAB 998.9%
Philippines 4 PAB 339.56%
Belgium 1.72 PAB 89.01%
Gabon 1.93 PAB 112.09%

Milk price comparison chart

The Milk price comparison chart shows that price for Milk (Per Litre) in Panama is 998.9 % lower than the same Milk price in Solomon Islands.