Milk in Takamatsu, Japan

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The price of Milk (Per Litre) in Takamatsu, Japan is 196.51 JPY

Currency Code Symbol Value
Mauritian Rupee MUR Rs 58.9597 MUR
Yemeni Rial YER 415.9289 YER
East Caribbean Dollar XCD $ 5.2261 XCD
Haitian Gourde HTG G 76.7169 HTG
Polish Zloty PLN 5.9885 PLN
British Pound Sterling GBP £ 1.1929 GBP
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Zama 170.06 JPY -13.46%
Yoronjima 202.18 JPY 2.88%
Yonaguni 198.40 JPY 0.96%
Yonago 207.85 JPY 5.77%
Yokohoma 183.29 JPY -6.73%
Yao 185.18 JPY -5.77%

Milk price comparison chart

The Milk price comparison chart shows that price for Milk (Per Litre) in Takamatsu is 5.77 % lower than the same Milk price in Yonago, Japan.