Potato price in Guyu

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The price of Potato (01 Kg) in Guyu, Zimbabwe is 5.344 AED

Currency Code Symbol Value
Aruban Florin AWG ƒ 2.604 AWG
Canadian Dollar CAD $ 1.535 CAD
Fijian Dollar FJD $ 2.704 FJD
Jamaican Dollar JMD J$ 149.673 JMD
Kazakhstani Tenge KZT лв 222.918 KZT
Belarusian Ruble BYR p. 13562.084 BYR
Other cities Price Compared with
Renroc 5.4 AED 1.03%
Mahamara 5.23 AED -2.06%
Wanesi 5.45 AED 2.06%
Hippo Valley 5.01 AED -6.19%
Mutoko 5.01 AED -6.19%
Ratelshoek 5.12 AED -4.12%

Potato price comparison chart

The Potato price comparison chart shows that price for Potato (01 Kg) in Guyu is 2.06 % lower than the same Potato price in Wanesi, Zimbabwe.