Potato price in Italy

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The price of Potato (01 Kg) in Italy is 1.031 EUR

Currency Code Symbol Value
Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR ރ. 21.533 MVR
Netherlands Antillean Guilder ANG ƒ 2.505 ANG
Chinese Yuan CNY ¥ 8.54 CNY
Pakistani Rupee PKR 151.599 PKR
Seychellois Rupee SCR 16.942 SCR
Mongolian Tugrik MNT 2415.238 MNT
Other countries Price Compared with
Andorra 0.957 EUR -7.14%
Zimbabwe 1.105 EUR 7.14%
Tunisia 0.516 EUR -50%
Samoa 1.164 EUR 12.86%
France 1.988 EUR 92.86%
Lithuania 0.611 EUR -40.71%

Potato price comparison chart

The Potato price comparison chart shows that price for Potato (01 Kg) in Italy is 92.86 % lower than the same Potato price in France.