Potato in Japan, Japan

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The price of Potato (01 Kg) in Japan is 155.43 JPY

Currency Code Symbol Value
CFA Franc BCEAO XOF Fr 740.3410 XOF
Afghan Afghani AFN ؋ 87.2885 AFN
Georgian Lari GEL 2.5794 GEL
South Korean Won KRW 1,623.4218 KRW
Serbian Dinar RSD Дин. 128.5933 RSD
Azerbaijani Manat AZN ман 1.1998 AZN
Other countries Price COMPARED WITH
Bahrain 147.30 JPY -5.23%
Congo 204.19 JPY 31.37%
Greenland 360.64 JPY 132.03%
United States 231.11 JPY 48.69%
Venezuela 67.81 JPY -56.37%
Uruguay 141.72 JPY -8.82%

Potato price comparison chart

The Potato price comparison chart shows that price for Potato (01 Kg) in Japan is 132.03 % lower than the same Potato price in , Greenland.