Potato price in Lampang

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The price of Potato (01 Kg) in Lampang, Thailand is 16.689 THB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Gold Ounce XAU g 0 XAU
Bangladeshi Taka BDT 40.434 BDT
Samoan Tala WST T 1.205 WST
Silver Ounce XAG so 0.026 XAG
Azerbaijani Manat AZN ман 0.408 AZN
Myanma Kyat MMK K 510.112 MMK
Other cities Price Compared with
Phi Phi Island 15.89 THB -4.81%
Surin 15.73 THB -5.77%
Thailand 14.6 THB -12.5%
Udon Thani 17.65 THB 5.77%
Chiang Rai 17.01 THB 1.92%
Narathiwat 17.33 THB 3.85%

Potato price comparison chart

The Potato price comparison chart shows that price for Potato (01 Kg) in Lampang is 5.77 % lower than the same Potato price in Udon Thani, Thailand.