Potato price in United Kingdom

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The price of Potato (01 Kg) in United Kingdom is 0.61 GBP

Currency Code Symbol Value
Maldivian Rufiyaa MVR ރ. 15.227 MVR
CFA Franc BCEAO XOF Fr 479.044 XOF
Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark BAM KM 1.428 BAM
Mauritanian Ouguiya MRO UM 288.5 MRO
Gibraltar Pound GIP £ 0.61 GIP
Mauritian Rupee MUR Rs 30.175 MUR
Other countries Price Compared with
United Kingdom
Iraq 0.493 GBP -19.19%
Singapore 1.357 GBP 122.22%
Romania 0.555 GBP -9.09%
Slovakia 0.617 GBP 1.01%
Andorra 0.802 GBP 31.31%
Solomon Islands 6.167 GBP 910.1%

Potato price comparison chart

The Potato price comparison chart shows that price for Potato (01 Kg) in United Kingdom is 910.1 % lower than the same Potato price in Solomon Islands.