Sugar in Kumamoto, Japan

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The price of Sugar (01 Kg) in Kumamoto, Japan is 387.56 JPY

Currency Code Symbol Value
Chilean Peso CLP $ 1,991.7581 CLP
Macanese Pataca MOP P 30.4487 MOP
Honduran Lempira HNL L 78.2899 HNL
Papua New Guinean Kina PGK K 9.8436 PGK
CFA Franc BEAC XAF CFAF 1,844.5868 XAF
Euro EUR 2.8095 EUR
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Zama 320.01 JPY -17.43%
Yoronjima 373.34 JPY -3.67%
Yonaguni 369.78 JPY -4.59%
Yonago 384.01 JPY -0.92%
Yokohoma 344.89 JPY -11.01%
Yao 334.23 JPY -13.76%

Sugar price comparison chart

The Sugar price comparison chart shows that price for Sugar (01 Kg) in Kumamoto is % higher than the same Sugar price in , Japan.