Sugar in Mamitupo, Panama

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The price of Sugar (01 Kg) in Mamitupo, Panama is 1.55 PAB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Guinean Franc GNF Fr 10,717.2190 GNF
Tuvalu Dollar TVD $ 1.7027 TVD
Aruban Florin AWG ƒ 2.7770 AWG
Bhutanese Ngultrum BTN Nu 96.7218 BTN
Norwegian Krone NOK kr 9.4585 NOK
Brazilian Real BRL R$ 3.5608 BRL
Other cities Price COMPARED WITH
Yaviza 1.38 PAB -11.21%
Wannukandi 1.38 PAB -11.21%
Ustupu Island 1.29 PAB -16.82%
Ustupo 1.52 PAB -1.87%
Tupile 1.57 PAB 0.93%
Tubala 1.57 PAB 0.93%

Sugar price comparison chart

The Sugar price comparison chart shows that price for Sugar (01 Kg) in Mamitupo is 0.93 % lower than the same Sugar price in Tupile, Panama.