Tomato in Japan, Japan

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The price of Tomato (01 Kg) in Japan is 624.77 JPY

Currency Code Symbol Value
Iranian Rial IRR 152,540.2950 IRR
Laotian Kip LAK 49,110.7020 LAK
Botswanan Pula BWP P 52.8681 BWP
Macedonian Denar MKD ден 279.7666 MKD
Brazilian Real BRL R$ 14.1149 BRL
Djiboutian Franc DJF Fr 1,094.6693 DJF
Other countries Price COMPARED WITH
Bahrain 158.48 JPY -74.63%
Congo 279.37 JPY -55.28%
Greenland 592.26 JPY -5.20%
United States 654.23 JPY 4.72%
Venezuela 546.14 JPY -12.59%
Uruguay 301.72 JPY -51.71%

Tomato price comparison chart

The Tomato price comparison chart shows that price for Tomato (01 Kg) in Japan is 4.72 % lower than the same Tomato price in , United States.