Tomato in Thailand, Thailand

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The price of Tomato (01 Kg) in Thailand is 47.24 THB

Currency Code Symbol Value
Nigerian Naira NGN 233.6373 NGN
Burundian Franc BIF Fr 2,281.8061 BIF
Kyrgystani Som KGS лв 71.8841 KGS
Mexican Peso MXN $ 19.2471 MXN
Thai Baht THB ฿ 47.2435 THB
Eritrea Nakfa ERN Nfk 22.2240 ERN
Other countries Price COMPARED WITH
Bahrain 50.07 THB 5.98%
Congo 88.26 THB 86.82%
Greenland 187.11 THB 296.06%
United States 206.69 THB 337.50%
Venezuela 172.54 THB 265.22%
Uruguay 95.32 THB 101.77%

Tomato price comparison chart

The Tomato price comparison chart shows that price for Tomato (01 Kg) in Thailand is 337.50 % lower than the same Tomato price in , United States.