Distance from

Dublin to Minneapolis

Average travel distance is

6506.66 km

Nomal travel times are between

11h 40min  -  19h 48min

6506.66 km (4043 miles) is the average travel distance between Dublin and Minneapolis. If you could walk at the speed of 3mph (4.8kph), it would take 42 days 2 hours.

Travel distance by transport mode

Tranport Km Miles Nautical miles
Flight 6506.66 km 4043.05 miles 3513.32 miles

Be prepared

Dublin - Minneapolis Info

The distance from East Wall, East Wall Road to Dublin Airport 13 km (8 miles).

The distance from DUB to MSP 6481 km (4027 miles).

The distance from Terminal 1 Lindbergh Station to U.S. Bank Stadium Station 13 km (8 miles).

Travel distance chart

The distance between Dublin, Ireland to Minneapolis, MN, United States is 6506.66 km (4043 miles) and it would cost 394 USD ~ 394 USD to drive in a car that consumes about 100 MPG.