Distance from

Kyaikto to Dawei

Average travel distance is

609.45 km

Nomal travel times are between

6h 43min  -  22h 23min

609.45 km (378 miles) is the average travel distance between Kyaikto and Dawei. If you could walk at the speed of 3mph (4.8kph), it would take 3 days 22 hours.

Travel distance by transport mode

Tranport Km Miles Nautical miles
Train 446.31 km 277.33 miles 240.99 miles
Drive 489.78 km 304.34 miles 264.46 miles
Flight 615.14 km 382.23 miles 332.15 miles
Bus 886.58 km 550.9 miles 478.72 miles

Be prepared

Kyaikto - Dawei Info

The distance from Kyaikto to Yangon Central 176 km (109 miles).

The distance from Yangon Central to Yangon Airport Terminal 1 18 km (11 miles).

The distance from Yangon Airport Terminal 1 to Yangon 0 km (0 miles).

The distance from RGN to TVY 421 km (262 miles).

Travel distance chart

The distance between Kyaikhto, Myanmar (Burma) to Dawei, Myanmar is 609.45 km (378 miles) and it would cost 15 USD ~ 15 USD to drive in a car that consumes about 3 MPG.