Distance from

Liechtenstein to Rome

Average travel distance is

970.73 km

Nomal travel times are between

6h 47min  -  15h 5min

970.73 km (603 miles) is the average travel distance between Liechtenstein and Rome. If you could walk at the speed of 3mph (4.8kph), it would take 6 days 6 hours.

Travel distance by transport mode

Tranport Km Miles Nautical miles
Drive 906.8 km 563.46 miles 489.63 miles
Flight 931.53 km 578.82 miles 502.98 miles
Bus 943.89 km 586.5 miles 509.66 miles
Train 1023.03 km 635.68 miles 552.39 miles

Be prepared

Liechtenstein - Rome Info

The distance from Haag to Buchs SG, Bahnhof Nord 7 km (4 miles).

The distance from Buchs SG to Zürich HB 114 km (71 miles).

The distance from Zürich HB to Zürich Flughafen 12 km (7 miles).

The distance from ZRH to FCO 764 km (475 miles).

The distance from Fiumicino Aeroporto to Roma Termini 35 km (22 miles).

Travel distance chart

The distance between Liechtenstein to Rome is 970.73 km (603 miles) and it would cost 79 USD ~ 58.179 EUR to drive in a car that consumes about 20 MPG.