Distance from

Muscat to Dammam

Average travel distance is

1141.79 km

Nomal travel times are between

2h 38min  -  14h 42min

1141.79 km (709 miles) is the average travel distance between Muscat and Dammam. If you could walk at the speed of 3mph (4.8kph), it would take 7 days 9 hours.

Travel distance by transport mode

Tranport Km Miles Nautical miles
Flight 989.23 km 614.68 miles 534.14 miles
Drive 1294.36 km 804.28 miles 698.9 miles

Be prepared

Muscat - Dammam Info

The distance from Muscat to Muscat 16 km (10 miles).

The distance from MCT to BAH 887 km (551 miles).

The distance from Manama to Manama - Lulu Centre 9 km (6 miles).

The distance from Manama - Lulu Centre to Dammam 78 km (48 miles).

Travel distance chart

The distance between Muscat, Oman to Dammam, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia is 1141.79 km (709 miles) and it would cost 70 USD ~ 262.535 SAR to drive in a car that consumes about 17 MPG.