Distance from

Palmerston North to Christchurch

Average travel distance is

580.86 km

Nomal travel times are between

5h 32min  -  13h 17min

580.86 km (361 miles) is the average travel distance between Palmerston North and . If you could walk at the speed of 3mph (4.8kph), it would take 3 days 18 hours.

Travel distance by transport mode

Tranport Km Miles Nautical miles
Flight 493.55 km 306.68 miles 266.49 miles
Drive 618.45 km 384.28 miles 333.93 miles
Train 630.57 km 391.82 miles 340.48 miles


Palmerston North - Christchurch Info

The distance from Palmerston North Station to Wellington Station 144 km (89.74 miles) .

The distance from Wellington Station - Stop C to Wellington Airport 13 km (8.03 miles) .

The distance from WLG to CHC 325 km (202.21 miles) .

The distance from Christchurch International Airport to Manchester St near Gloucester St 11 km (6.94 miles) .

Travel distance chart

The distance between Palmerston North, Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand to Christchurch is 580.86 km (361 miles) and it would cost 26 USD ~ 32 NZD to drive in a car that consumes about 6 MPG.