Travel time from

Chicago to Ottawa

Average Travel Times are

6h 30min  -  20h 14min

Travel Distance

1321.67 km

Travel time route map

It takes an average travel time of 7h 20mins to travel from Chicago to Ottawa, given the average speed of 180km/h and the distance of 1321.67 km (821 miles)

Travel time by transport mode

Tranport Distance Time
Flight 1138km (707 miles) 6h 30mins
Drive 1310km (814 miles) 13h 36mins
Bus 1372km (853 miles) 16h 59mins
Train 1415km (879 miles) 20h 14mins

Travel time by airplanes from Chicago to Ottawa

Air Plane Cruise Speed Max Speed
A300 1h 19mins 1h 15mins
A320 1h 21mins 1h 16mins
A321 1h 22mins 1h 17mins
A380 1h 9mins 1h 6mins
Boeing 707 1h 10mins 1h 8mins
Boeing 737 1h 27mins 1h 20mins
Boeing 747 1h 16mins 1h 11mins
Boeing 787 1h 15mins 1h 10mins
ATR 72 2h 28mins 2h 10mins

TIME TO DRIVE FROM Chicago to Ottawa

Speed (km/h) Speed (Ml/h) Duration
40 24.85 32h 44mins
50 31.07 26h 11mins
60 37.28 21h 49mins
80 49.71 16h 22mins
100 62.14 13h 5mins

Be prepared

Chicago - Ottawa Info

Travel time from Roosevelt to Midway 29mins.

Travel time from MDW to YOW 3h 37mins.

Travel time from Airport Stop to Laurier 2A 24mins.

Travel time chart

How long does it take to get from Chicago, IL, United States and by air and road.