Travel time from

Muscat to Malta

Average Travel Times are

14h 21min  -  15h 47min

Travel Distance

4764.88 km

Travel time route map

It takes an average travel time of 26h 28mins to travel from Muscat to Malta, given the average speed of 180km/h and the distance of 4764.88 km (2961 miles)

Travel time by transport mode

Tranport Distance Time
Flight 4718km (2932 miles) 14h 21mins

Travel time by airplanes from Muscat to Malta

Air Plane Cruise Speed Max Speed
A300 5h 29mins 5h 14mins
A320 5h 37mins 5h 18mins
A321 5h 41mins 5h 21mins
A380 4h 48mins 4h 37mins
Boeing 707 4h 53mins 4h 43mins
Boeing 737 6h 2mins 5h 33mins
Boeing 747 5h 16mins 4h 57mins
Boeing 787 5h 11mins 4h 51mins
ATR 72 10h 15mins 8h 59mins

Be prepared

Muscat - Malta Info

Travel time from Muscat to Ruwi 23mins.

Travel time from Ruwi to Muscat International Airport 29mins.

Travel time from MCT to MLA 10h 20mins.

Travel time from Airport to Tarxien 12mins.

Travel time chart

How long does it take to get from Muscat and by air and road.