Travel time from

Rishton to Newquay

Average Travel Times are

19h 46min  -  27h 10min

Travel Distance

6235.31 km

Travel time route map

It takes an average travel time of 103h 55mins to travel from Rishton To Newquay, given the average speed of 60km/h and the distance of 6235.31 km (3874 miles)

Travel time by transport mode

Tranport Distance Time
Flight 6174km (3836 miles) 19h 46 m

Travel time by airplanes from Rishton, Rishton, Blackburn, UK to Newquay, United Kingdom

Air Plane Cruise Speed Max Speed
A300 7h 10 mins 6h 51 mins
A320 7h 21 mins 6h 56 mins
A321 7h 26 mins 7h 0 mins
A380 6h 18 mins 6h 3 mins
Boeing 707 6h 23 mins 6h 10 mins
Boeing 737 7h 54 mins 7h 15 mins
Boeing 747 6h 53 mins 6h 29 mins
Boeing 787 6h 47 mins 6h 21 mins
ATR 72 13h 25 mins 11h 45 mins

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Rishton - Newquay Info

Travel time from from Rishton to Kokand 41mins.

Travel time from from Kokand to Taschkent 3h 35mins.

Travel time from from Taschkent to Severnyj Vokzal 6mins.

Travel time from from Severnyj Vokzal to Ajeroport 6mins.

Travel time from from Ajeroport to Tashkent 18mins.

Travel time from from TAS to NQY 12h 6mins.

Travel time from from St Mawgan, Newquay Airport to Newquay, Burger King 21mins.

If you depart from Rishton at 0.47 AM local Rishton time GMT -6, you will arrive Newquay at 21.10 Newquay time, GMT -6.

Travel time chart

How long does it take to get from Rishton, Rishton, Blackburn, UK and Newquay, United Kingdom by air and road.