Fuel price in United Kingdom

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The price of Fuel (Per Litre) in United Kingdom is 1.283 GBP

Currency Code Symbol Value
Mauritian Rupee MUR Rs 63.398 MUR
Bermudan Dollar BMD $ 2.08 BMD
Samoan Tala WST T 4.821 WST
Syrian Pound SYP £ 291.294 SYP
Egyptian Pound EGP £ 14.324 EGP
Guatemalan Quetzal GTQ Q 16.406 GTQ
Other countries Price Compared with
United Kingdom
Mali 0.919 GBP -28.37%
Djibouti 1.202 GBP -6.25%
Norway 1.603 GBP 25%
Uruguay 1.184 GBP -7.69%
El Salvador 0.74 GBP -42.31%
Argentina 0.524 GBP -59.13%

Fuel price comparison chart

The Fuel price comparison chart shows that price for Fuel (Per Litre) in United Kingdom is 25 % lower than the same Fuel price in Norway.