Rice price in Italy

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The price of Rice (01 Kg) in Italy is 0.736 EUR

Currency Code Symbol Value
Congolese Franc CDF Fr 921.93 CDF
Canadian Dollar CAD $ 1.055 CAD
Eritrea Nakfa ERN Nfk 15.098 ERN
Indonesian Rupiah IDR Rp 11776.9 IDR
Surinamese Dollar SRD $ 3.283 SRD
Ugandan Shilling UGX USh 2529.22 UGX
Other countries Price Compared with
Iraq 0.516 EUR -30%
Morocco 4.647 EUR 531%
United Kingdom 1.841 EUR 150%
Indonesia 1.002 EUR 36%
Bulgaria 0.884 EUR 20%
Gabon 1.075 EUR 46%

Rice price comparison chart

The Rice price comparison chart shows that price for Rice (01 Kg) in Italy is 531 % lower than the same Rice price in Morocco.